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Python KeyError when iterating dict from JSON-file

I'm trying to read a JSON file (and eventually save the contents to a database), but I'm getting an KeyError when running the code below. See sample JSON for reference.

The keys

does not exist in all cases in the JSON file (only when
, I think).

How do I properly identify missing keys before attempting to read the value, and/or how do I insert dummy-keys for the items that do not have the key already?

I have already searched Google/StackOverflow and tried
if key in dict:
without success.

import json

source = "feed_traffic.json" # JSON file to process
data = json.loads(open(source).read()) # Process JSON

total = data["events"]["totalCount"]
index = 0

events = data["events"]["list"][index:total]

for event in events:

eid = event["id"]
type = event['eventType']
header = event['headingText']
lat = event['latitude']
long = event['longitude']
created = event['created']
updated = event['updated']
expires = event['expireTime']
validFrom = event['durationTimeFrom']
validTo = event['durationTimeTo']
status = event['status']

# Just to check all is well, out data in console
print("Traffic Event", index, ":", eid, "-", type, "-", header, "(", long, ",", lat, ")")

index = index+1

Answer Source

dict.get. it works fine for me. You should change as follows.

# before
validFrom = event['durationTimeFrom']
validTo = event['durationTimeTo']

# after
validFrom = event.get('durationTimeFrom')
validTo = event.get('durationTimeTo')
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