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Scala Question

Stacking traits and abstract classes with overrides

Let's say I have the following code where I allow hybrid beings and because someone can mix and match species (e.g. just have pure humans or pure aliens), I'd like to have a method that explains what's been 'mixed in', which is called


trait Person {

def say(): Unit


trait Human {

def say(): Unit = println("Hi, I am a human")

trait Dude extends Human {

override def say(): Unit = {

abstract class Alien(msg: String) extends Person {

def say(): Unit = println(s"Hi, I'm an alien: $msg")

class Hybrid(name: String) extends Alien("bleep") with Dude // does not work!

val someone = new Hybrid("John")

This does not compile because:

error: overriding method say in class Alien of type ()Unit;
method say in trait Dude of type ()Unit cannot override a concrete member without a third member that's overridden by both (...)

Is it possible to have someone.say() display the following?

Hi, I'm am a human
Hi, I'm an alien: bleep

I have thought about creating a special class that already mixes in both traits/classes but how would I then go about accessing the respective
methods, as obviously
will be ambiguous.

Answer Source
class Hybrid(name: String) extends Alien("bleep") with Dude {
  override def say() = {
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