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Generate BIC from IBAN bank account number

Is there any existing library or script I can use to generate the BIC code from an IBAN bank account number (and other necessary information)?

I've searched the web, but found only IBAN generators.

Thanks in advance!

Tim Tim
Answer Source

Solution for Belgian IBAN bank account numbers:

There exists a webservice for Belgian iban numbers, it's very easy to get the bic from the iban bank account number.

$client = new SoapClient('http://www.ibanbic.be/IBANBIC.asmx?WSDL');
$bban = $client->getBelgianBBAN(array('Value' => $iban))->getBelgianBBANResult;
$bic = $client->BBANtoBIC(array('Value' => $bban))->BBANtoBICResult;

I've searched for a dutch webservice aswell, but I couldn't find one. But you can always make one yourself with the data from http://www.betaalvereniging.nl/europees-betalen/sepa-documentatie/bic-afleiden-uit-iban/

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