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Facebook Messenger, Temporary send message failure when sending receipt

I want to send to user my receipt with dummy data.

I use this library which simplifies message sending to Facebook.

The structure of my payload is this:

var payload = {
template_type: 'receipt',
recipient_name: '@' + + ' ' + user.surname,
order_number: (new Date).getTime(),
currency: 'USD',
payment_method: 'Наличными',
order_url: '',
timestamp: (new Date).getTime() + '',
elements: [
title: title,
subtitle: subtitle,
quantity: 1,
price: 20,
currency: 'USD',
image_url: image_url
address: {
street_1:"Nurly tau",
summary: {
subtotal: 20,
shipping_cost: 0,
total_tax: 0,
total_cost: 20
adjustments: []

I have just filled receipt fields with simple fake data. Also, Facebook tracks the uniqueness of
of all sent recepts.

When I try to send this receipt I receive an error message:

{ message: '(#1200) Temporary send message failure. Please try again later',
type: 'OAuthException',
code: 1200,
fbtrace_id: 'BHmHRCEQUC4' }

What does this error mean? Facebook's error messages are so enigmatic?

Answer Source

I had the same problem, after a lot of tries, I figured out that the problem is with the timestamp parameter passed with the JSON payload.

I have no clue about what it could be, but it worked for me removing that. (Maybe, the timestamp should be for a moment before the API call, I don't know).

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