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Python Question

Gunicorn Connection in Use: ('', 5000)

I installed redis this afternoon and it caused a few errors, so I uninstalled it but this error is persisting when I launch the app with

foreman start
. Any ideas on a fix?

foreman start
22:46:26 web.1 | started with pid 1727
22:46:26 web.1 | 2013-05-25 22:46:26 [1727] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 0.17.4
22:46:26 web.1 | 2013-05-25 22:46:26 [1727] [ERROR] Connection in use: ('', 5000)

Answer Source

Check your processes. You may have had an unclean exit, leaving a zombie'd process behind that's still running.

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