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Python3 + beatbox : Not able to querymore

I have logged into my SFDC org using instructions provided here http://tomhayden3.com/2013/08/04/salesforce-python/. However, I am not able to implement the queryMore part of it. It just does nothing. When I print(query_locator) it prints out an ID with a suffix -500. Can someone please look into this code and highlight what am I doing wrong?

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import beatbox

# Connecting to SFDC
sf = beatbox._tPartnerNS
service = beatbox.Client()
service.serverUrl = 'https://test.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/38.0'
service.login('my-username', 'my-password')
query_result = service.query("SELECT id, Name, Department FROM User")
records = query_result['records'] # dictionary of results!
total_records = query_result['size'] # full size of results
query_locator = query_result['queryLocator'] # get the mystical queryLocator

# loop through, pulling the next 500 and appending it to your records dict
while query_result['done'] is False and len(records) < total_records:
query_result = self._service.queryMore(query_locator)
query_locator = query_result['queryLocator'] # get the updated queryLocator
records = records + query_result['records'] # append to records dictionary
print(records['id']) #This should print all IDs??? But it is not.

Answer Source

The examples here resolved the issue for me. https://github.com/superfell/Beatbox/blob/master/examples/export.py

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import beatbox
import sqlalchemy

engine_str = 'mysql+mysqlconnector://db-username:db-pass@localhost/db-name'
engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine(engine_str, echo=False, encoding='utf-8')

connection = engine.connect()

sf = beatbox._tPartnerNS
service = beatbox.Client()
service.serverUrl = 'https://test.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/38.0' #I hard quoted it since I was to test against sandbox only.

def export(objectSOQL):
    service.login('sfdc-username', 'sfdc-pass')
    query_result = service.query(objectSOQL)
    while True:
        for row in query_result[sf.records:]:
            SQL_query = 'INSERT INTO user(' \
                        'id, ' \
                        'name, ' \
                        'department ' \
                        'VALUES(' \
            except Exception as e:

    # This is key part which actually pulls records beyond 500 until sf.done becomes true which means the query has been completed. 
        if str(query_result[sf.done]) == 'true':
        query_result = service.queryMore(str(query_result[sf.queryLocator]))

SOQL = 'SELECT id, Name, Department FROM User'