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source code not pushed to git server via ssh from eclipse

Using Eclipse, I try to push git repository to Git server after making changes in a java file & commit via ssh.

Problem: Only the commit info are pushed to Git server but not the actual java source code.

How can I push java code to Git server from Eclipse?

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Following the Egit tutorial on committing changes, make sure you have added the source code which just changed, before committing.

If you don't select Team > Add, the commit won't include those changes.

You must see files in the stages changes part of the commit dialog:

Alternatively you may display untracked files in the Commit dialog and check the Show untracked Files checkbox to select them for inclusion into the commit.

As for a post-receive hook, it is best if you set GIT_DIR in addition of GIT_WORK_TRE. See this example:

 export GIT_WORK_TREE=/var/www/example/
 export GIT_DIR=/home/mark/test/.git/
 git checkout -f
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