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Apache Configuration Question

Test Soap webservice using jmeter with http request

i have a question for you guys, do you know a way how can i send http request with jmeter to my soap webservice(jax-ws library)?. I have a problem to point server name or ip(its localhost so should it be loopback?) and path. I'm using glassfish4 as my web server. I do not want to use option SOAP/XML RPC Request, because when i use it with my web service i can't see that any data have been sent(it's always 0 -in fact maybe you have idea why is's also a solution to my problem because i need http request to see how much data i've sent)
Thanks in advance

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  • Http Request and fill in:
    • Server Name or IP
    • IP if different from 443 or 80
    • Protocol if https
  • Add a Header Manager under it with :

Content-Type=text/xml; charset=utf-8 enter image description here

Note there is a template that lets you easily create this, see screenshot:

enter image description here

Finally I suggest you read this tutorial:

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