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Dose gh-pages support php?

Thank you for taking the time to review my request for help.
I've been using gh-pages to work on a build for a static site and you're server has worked amazing for me throughout the build!

Although I am seeming to have an issue when submitting my HTML web form to my email through PHP code. When I submit to the gh-pages server I get this error message saying "405 not allowed ngix" I've been digging around to find an answer to this. First I discovered that I did have a few minor errors in my code which I fixed. Then I submitted again to server with the correct code and still received the same message from the gh-pages server. "405 not allowed ngix" this lead me to believe that the gh-pages server dose not support any php code.

I found some information on SO about gh-pages server not supporting php. How to publish .php page instead of .html at github to demo some php content?

screen shot 2014-12-27 at 12 44 19 pm

enter image description here
Server side includes alternative

Dose php run on gh-pages? Or not?

If so not then I know that everything on my side is correct and I should not worry about it because when I truly deploy this site live I'll use a server that dose support php.

Here's my current build so you can test out my issue.

This is what I am getting when I submit the form to the server..

enter image description here

Answer Source

A static site cannot by definition support PHP.

  • Static websites serve content directly from the web-server’s file-system exactly as stored.

  • Dynamic websites generate content live per each request. The request is delegated to a running web-application that builds the content.

What is a Static Website

You might be interested in PieCrust. It is a static site generator written in PHP.

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