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Regex for extract numbers and extension of string

I use code below for extract numbers and file name of strings with problem standardization

30193253_ _100_ _.jpg

Use this function

public function refactorFileName($filename)
$array = preg_split("/[^A-Za-z0-9]/", $filename);
foreach($array as $key => $value) {
if($value == "") {
$array = array_values($array);
$standardFilename = $array[0].'.'.$array[2];
$indexFile = $array[1];

return compact("indexFile","standardFilename");

$filename = '30193253_ _100_ _.jpg';
echo "New File name -> ".$standardFilename.PHP_EOL;
echo "Index for file -> ".$indexFile.PHP_EOL;

This show (correct):

New File name -> 30193253.jpg
Index for file -> 100

I think there're a better code for regex expresion.

It's possible better code on preg_split or better code in general for this question?

Answer Source

Two things: 1) It will be easier if you put a quantifier in your pattern (to avoid the useless foreach after). (Note that preg_split has also the option PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY to avoid empty items.)
2) sometimes too much verbosity kills the verbosity.

Your can rewrite it this way:

function refactorFileName($filename) {
    $p = preg_split('~[\W_]+~', $filename, 3);

    return [ 'indexFile' => $p[1], 'standardFilename' => "$p[0].$p[2]" ];

Or if you want to be more verbose:

function refactorFileName($filename) {
    list($name, $index, $ext) = preg_split('~[\W_]+~', $filename, 3);

    return [ 'indexFile' => $index, 'standardFilename' => "$name.$ext" ];

(As an aside, when you already have a working code, ask your question on codereview instead of SO)

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