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React native RTCRootView.h not found

I'm trying to use React native and I am getting an error in xcode that says "Lexical or preprocessor error 'RTCRootView.h' not found." I have checked and this file is in the framework folder and I have tried moving it into the project as well and still have not been able to eliminate the error and successfully build.

Answer Source

In the example directory, run npm install to install the dependencies. Then, open swipeoutExample.xcodeproj and run.


edit (2015-10-12):

react-native-swipeout has been updated to use the latest react-native including ./ios and ./android directories.

  • iOS: Open the xcode project in the ./ios directory and run it.
  • Android: Start a simulator, then run react-native run-android in project root directory. (note: swipeout is currently incompatible with Android, but will be soon.)
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