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VLC plugin blocks Modal Popup on Firefox

I have embedded a VLC plugin for video streaming on a HTML web page. The trouble is that it blocks the HTML popups like follows:
enter image description here

The Popup's z-index is set to maximum and following is the embed code for VLC plugin

<object id="vlc" width="430" height="250" events="True" codebase="" classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921">
<param value="True" name="ShowDisplay">
<param value="False" name="AutoLoop">
<param value="True" name="AutoPlay">
<embed id="vlcEmb" width="430" height="250" target="rtsp://****" loop="no" autoplay="yes" version="VideoLAN.VLCPlugin.2" type="application/x-google-vlc-plugin">

How can I put the Modal dialog on top.

Answer Source

Use embed instead, this way (with windowless parameter):


Embed docs here.

windowless: (since VLC version 2.0.6, only for Mozilla) Draw the video on a window-less (non-accelerated) surface and allow styling (CSS overlay, 3D transformations, and much more). Default: false

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