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Java Question

Best way to save personal user settings who are used on java desktop application app and website

I'm creating an application where i store all the users settings into a MySQL server. But now i got like something when tableOption3 = id25 then the users theme is red. I already got 5 such tables. And it going to get alot bigger. The user can use an mobile application that saves the personal settings for the website and java application and visa versa.

Do I have other options?
And I keep wondering what happens if there would be 100 personal option to be loaded. Would the user notice this in loading speed.

Answer Source

You have to save these personal user settings somewhere and you will always want to use some sort of datastore, like: SQL databases, NOSQL, flat files.
I think that SQL databases are usually way to go, and having more then 100 personal options shouldn't degrade performance too much.

But my advice will be to avoid having multiple tables. You can achieve desired effect, with all properties stored for all users, by having just one table, i.e.:

 1       | COLOR    | RED
 2       | COLOR    | BLUE
 1       | FONT_SIZE| 12
 2       | FONT_SIZE| 14
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