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View method information in Android Studio

In Eclipse when you hover your mouse over a method, a window would appear with a description of what the method does, what the parameters mean and what it returns. Is there a way to get Android Studio to do the same thing?

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The easiest and the most straightforward way:

You can activate it by going to: File > Settings > Editor > General and check Show quick documentation on mouse move:

Settings dialog with checked option

Other ways:

  • You can go into your IntelliJ's bin folder and search for idea.properties. Add this line to the document:


    Now you'll have the same floating docs window like in Eclipse.

  • You have to press CTRL+Q to see the Javadoc.

    You can pin the window and make the documentation appear every time you select a method with your mouse though.

Android Studio 1.0: You have to hold CTRL if you want to get hold of documentation window for e.g. scrolling documentation otherwise as you move your mouse away from method documentation window will disappear.

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