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MySQL Question

Xamarin - Set Up Azure Offline Sync in C#

I have watched this tutorial on setting up offline sync for a Xamarin application using an Azure backend. I have a MySQL table on my Azure portal and I now wish to add the back-end calls to sync my local SQLite database with the MySQL cloud database.

I am not using the Easy Tables software used in the tutorial above, and I would like to use C# for the backend calls for my

to talk to, where it calls methods such as:

  • await client.SyncContext.PushAsync();

  • await table.PullAsync("alltable", table.CreateQuery());

  • await table.InsertAsync(entry);

What are the steps to setting up the cloud syncing functionality from my SQLite store to my MySQL database?

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Unfortunately MySQL is not compatible with Azure's IMobileServiceClient, you must change to using Azure SQL to use the inbuilt functions in IMobileServiceClient

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