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Playing Percussion instruments with midi on iOS

I have an app that handles playing multiple midi instruments. Everything works great except for playing percussion instruments. I understand that in order to play percussion in General MIDI you must send the events to channel 10. I've tried a bunch of different things, and I can't figure out how to get it to work, here's an example of how I'm doing it for melodic instruments vs percussion.

// Melodic instrument
MusicDeviceMIDIEvent(self.samplerUnit, 0x90, (UInt8)pitch, 127, 0);

// Percussion Instruments
MusicDeviceMIDIEvent(self.samplerUnit, 0x99, (UInt8)pitch, 127, 0);

The sampler Unit is an
and the pitch is given as an int through my UI.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Ok, so I got it working. I guess the way I load the sound font makes it so the channel stuff doesn't do anything. Instead I had to set the bankMSB property on AUSamplerBankPresetData to kAUSampler_DefaultPercussionBankMSB instead of kAUSampler_DefaultMelodicBankMSB

I added a different font loading method specifically for percussion:

- (OSStatus) loadPercussionWithSoundFont: (NSURL *)bankURL {
    OSStatus result = noErr;

    // fill out a bank preset data structure
    AUSamplerBankPresetData bpdata;
    bpdata.bankURL  = (__bridge CFURLRef) bankURL;
    bpdata.bankMSB  = kAUSampler_DefaultPercussionBankMSB;
    bpdata.bankLSB  = kAUSampler_DefaultBankLSB;
    bpdata.presetID = (UInt8) 32;

    // set the kAUSamplerProperty_LoadPresetFromBank property
    result = AudioUnitSetProperty(self.samplerUnit,

    // check for errors
    NSCAssert (result == noErr,
               @"Unable to set the preset property on the Sampler. Error code:%d '%.4s'",
               (int) result,
               (const char *)&result);

    return result;
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