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Angular2 NgRouter with shared parent component

I have the following components in my angular 2 typescript application:

  • AppComponent

  • ProjectComponent

    • ProjectListComponent

    • ProjectNewComponent

I have a simple layout, which should be the same on all pages, so I put the following html code for the main component:

<h1>Welcome</h1><a routerLink="/">Home</a>
<hr />

As far as I understand, the router injects its content in the
. Now I wanted to create a nested project component. For simplicity, the project component should consist of three parts. One parent component, which only holds the headline and a container and two child components which are nested in the parent component.

looks as follows:

const appRoutes : Routes = [
path: 'project',
component: ProjectComponent,
children: [
{ path: 'id/:id', component: ProjectEditComponent },
{ path: 'new', component: ProjectNewComponent }

My question is: How must the
component and the
component look like?

So far I have

<hr />

My goal is something like, whenever I call

<hr />

How can I achieve that? The advantage of this would be that I don't have to rewrite any html code.

Answer Source

If i correctly understand what you want are trying to achieve, your Projects component should also include a router outlet (in angular2 RC5 that i am working with lately, nesting router outlets is allowed).

AppComponent would be something like:

<h1>This is the app component title</h1>

ProjectComponent would be :


And the child components of ProjectsComponent would be :

<h5>Child components area</h5> 
<!-- place whatever code you have inside here -->   
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