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How to get the Sum of values from a SQLite Table?

I'm trying to Collect Bids and Distribute the average from a Column

I'm getting an InvalidCast Exception: Specified cast is not valid. on the TotalSum +=

Any Help would be greatly apprciated

Dim sql As String = "SELECT " & Column & " FROM " & Table & " ;"
Dim dt As DataTable = SQLiteDatabase.GetDataTable(sql)
Column = Column.Replace("[", "")
Column = Column.Replace("]", "")
For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows
TotalSum += DirectCast(row(Column), Integer)
Console.WriteLine("Calculating TotalSum {0}", TotalSum.ToString)
Next row

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Final Solution is this

Dim suma As Double = 0.0R
For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows
    Dim num As Double = 0R
    Double.TryParse(row(Column).ToString, num)
    suma += num
Next row

Columns could potentually contain Stings in my application since the User can input SQL directly. I'm only working with Double types but Integers are an option