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Change key's value in array of objects with javascript?

I am building a page that allows customers to change information, which is then passed to the admin team to verify before accepting. I am trying to keep the form dynamic in only passing information that was changed by the customer. I'm using the function below to create an array of objects:

$('input, textarea, select').change(function(){
var key = $(this).attr('name');
var obj = {};
obj[key] = $(this).val();

Which is working correctly, however today I noticed that when changing the field multiple times it created multiple objects with the same name.

My question is how can I find the key which is dynamic and change the value if it exists in the array?

I tried using:

$.each(myArray, function( key, value ) {
console.log(key, value);

But this outputs the index and then the complete object, I need to find the key of the object and then change the value if it already exists.

Answer Source

The variable myArray is a array not a object, so the key is just the index of the object in the array.

To check if the object with the specific key exists,

function getObjWithKey(myArray, key){
   var retVal;
   $.each(myArray, function(index, obj) {
       if(key != undefined && obj[key]){
           retVal = obj;
           return false;
   return retVal;        
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