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Javascript Question

Play multiple audio files with one click event howler js

Wordpress website. Scripts enqueued etc. I was able to get a single audio file to play without the array.

After using this though...

(function( $ ) {
'use strict';

jQuery(window).load(function() {
var sound_files = {
sound1 : new Howl({
src: ['/synthv2.mp3'],
loop: true
sound2 : new Howl({
src: ['/synthv2.mp3'],
loop: true
sound3 : new Howl({
src: ['/synthv2.mp3'],
loop: true
var play_button = $('#play-button'),
pause_button = $('#pause-button'),
shift_preset = $('#preset-changer'), {;


I consistently get is not a function errors.

How can I trigger sound1, sound2, and sound3 all at the same time with a single button click?

Answer Source

sound_files is an object, so you can't simply call .play() on them.

You would need to loop through them, and play them all:

for (var prop in sound_files) {
    // skip loop if the property is from prototype
    if(!sound_files.hasOwnProperty(prop)) continue;

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