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Git Question

git clone copy-fd Permission denied

When I do:

git clone git@

there is a error:

Cloning into 'xxx'...
error: copy-fd: write returned Permission denied
fatal: cannot copy '/usr/share/git-core/templates/description' to '/mnt/wk01/xxx/.git/description': Permission denied

Who can help me?

Answer Source

The permission issue might not be in the destination folder /mnt/wk01/xxx/, but in the source folder usr/share/git-core/templates/description

As mentioned here:

Package: git-core, Version:

The file permissions of files placed in /usr/share/git-core/templates are wrong now. They are not readable for everyone, so command "git init" fails with message:

fatal: cannot copy /usr/share/git-core/templates/description to ...

chmod a+r for all files in templates solves this issue.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest git version through git-core ppa.

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