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MySQL Question

Javascript and PHP (window.open)

So, in my website, I have a news system which has an option to edit and delete the news the administrator desires.

Well, I got the edit part right by using:

href="noticiaEditarForm.php?id_noticia=<?php echo $id ?>">Editar</a>

And then a
on the other page.

However, this is not how I desire my editing window.
Therefore, I have been exploring a way to send the PHP variable that contains the primary key for the news table (MySQL) to a popup window, using JavaScript. But that's just the thing, it will only return the 1st value it gets from the query... (i.e If I click to edit the 3rd article, it edits my 1st one. Always.)

Here is my current code:

<div class="noticias">
mysql_select_db($bd, $conn);

$resultado = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM noticia INNER JOIN user ON noticia.id_user=user.id_user ORDER BY id_noticia DESC");

while ($linha = mysql_fetch_array($resultado)) {
echo "<h1>" . $linha['titulo'] . "</h1>";
echo "<i>Posted by " .$linha['username']. " on " . "<y>" . $linha['data'] . "</y>" . "</i>";
echo "<p>";
echo $linha['texto'];

$id = $linha['id_noticia'];

if (isset($_SESSION['admin'])) {
<div class="noticiasOpcao">
<a href="" onClick="open_win_editar()">Editar</a>
<a onclick="return confirm('Are you sure?')" href="noticiaApagar.php?id_noticia=<?php echo $id ?>">Apagar</a>

<script language="javascript">
function open_win_editar() {
window.open (
"noticiaEditarForm.php?id_noticia=<?php echo $id; ?>",
"Editar notícia",
"location=1, status=1, scrollbars=1, width=800, height=455"

<?php mysql_close($conn); ?>


My point is to then use another query to get the title and text of the article to display on an WYSIWYG editor.

Can anyone point out my flaw?

Answer Source

This code:

<script language="javascript">
    function open_win_editar() {
        window.open ("noticiaEditarForm.php?id_noticia=<?php echo $id; ?>", "Editar notícia", "location=1, status=1, scrollbars=1, width=800, height=455");

Is happening outside of the PHP while loop, so the value of $id will be the last value that was set to $id in the loop. So the JavaScript code will always open the same link.

If you need the code within the PHP loop to specify the $id value for the JavaScript, then you can pass it as an argument to the JavaScript function. Something like this:

<script language="javascript">
    function open_win_editar(targetID) {
        window.open ("noticiaEditarForm.php?id_noticia=" + targetID, "Editar notícia", "location=1, status=1, scrollbars=1, width=800, height=455");

So the code rendering the anchor tags in the loop would pass the argument like this:

<a href="" onClick="open_win_editar(<?php echo $id; ?>)">Editar</a>

The rendered output would then contain the record-specific $id value on each a tag to be used by the JavaScript code on the client.

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