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Git Question

git log shows skipped lines on my bash

I ran into this strange "git log" output on my bash on RHEL. See below:

commit 9632da8405cb50ef4d4897254869523ee7a8dbb8
Author: AAA BBB <>
Date: Tue Aug 23 19:47:43 2016 -0700

Some messages ....

Author: XXXX YYYY <>
Date: Sun Aug 21 11:18:48 2016 -0700

Some messages for this hash ...

See "...skipping...". I don't know where this line is added and how a few commits are skipped and replaced by this line. Any ideas?

Answer Source

Skipping is showing because git is using less as a pager by default.

less "skips" line when you scroll up or down manually. Instead use up and down arrow keys from keyboard.

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