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PHP Question

VirtueMart 2.5 Index.php Template

I'm looking for a way to remove the product(s) link in the mod_virtuemart_cart. I want the product name - just no link. I'm stuck on line 34 of the default.php page under mod_virtuemart_cart/tmpl/:

<div class="product_row">
<span class="quantity"><?php echo $product['quantity'] ?></span>&nbsp;x&nbsp;<span class="product_name"><?php echo $product['product_name'] <-- RIGHT HERE ?></span>

Any ideas? Below is an URL to an image to help better show what I'm trying to accomplish.



Answer Source

in file JRoot/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/cart.php

on line 1663: change this:

$this->data->products[$i]['product_name'] = JHTML::link($url, $product->product_name);

to this:

$this->data->products[$i]['product_name'] = $product->product_name;

or other method is to use jQuery to remove the link.