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Qt Creator - How To Enable a Floating IDE Layout?

I'm a long-time user of Embarcadero C++Builder peeking into Qt Creator (Ver. 4.4.0) at the moment, which seems to be well-suited for all kind of C++ development tasks and thus might be pretty productive.

Unfortunately there's one major drawback slowing me down significantly in comparision to C++Builder: I can't find any setting enabling the re-arrangement of Qt Creator's default IDE layout, since it's just not mine.

Is it really the case, that such a classy-looking IDE won't have that kind of feature nearly every other major competitor has?

Maybe there's an undock setting I'm not aware of?

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Short answer: It is not possible to undock any panel or view in QtCreator 4.4.0. But some sort of re-arrangement of views is possible.

There are left and right panels enabling some customization:

  • Choosing what is shown in the panel from a set of views (e.g., project structure or open files)
  • Resizing panels horizontally
  • Splitting a panel in two vertically thus adding another view
  • Resizing sub-panels vertically (after the split)

Unfortunately, that's about all the customization of layout there is.

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