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How to get values of selected checkboxes in jquery?

Hi I am developing jquery application with I have list of checkboxes as below. If i check any checkbox then i want to display it. Below is my checkboxlist.

<asp:CheckBoxList ID="ChKResons" runat="server" RepeatColumns="1" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" Style="margin-bottom: 8px; margin-right: 5px;" CellPadding="5" CellSpacing="25">
<asp:ListItem Text="Your financial offer exceeded our budgeted amount" value="1"/>
<asp:ListItem Text="Your technical offer didn't comply with Oman Air's technical requirement" Value="2" />

This is my jquery code.

$('#ChKResons').on('click', ':checkbox', function () {
if ($(this).is(':checked')) {
// handle checkbox check
} else {
// checkbox is unchecked
$('#ChKResons :checkbox').live('click', function () {

Above code does not work. May i get some help to sort out this? An help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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instead of


If your generated HTML checkboxes have id ChKResons then please add an event using id only like:

$('#ChKResons').on('click', function () {

Attach the event only once. And if you have multiple elements with the same id, then remove the id and add a common class on all elements and attach an event on the class selector.

$('.commonClass').on('click', function () {
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