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SQL Question

SQL Custom Order By Clause

A quick Question. I have a query that brings back 2 columns 'Description' and 'Amount'
In the Description we have 3 outcomes.

'Gold - owned', 'Bronze - no land' and 'Silver - identified / offered'

I would like the result to show in an order of

Order By Asc or Desc does not achieve this. Is there a way to customize a Order by clause?

Any Help on this Would be appreciated thanks

Answer Source

Inside of a CASE, you may ascribe a numeric value to each and order those ascending. If you will need to query a large table, consider adding an index on Description to improve sorting performance.

    WHEN Description = 'Gold - owned' THEN 0
    WHEN Description = 'Silver - identified / offered' THEN 1
    WHEN Description = 'Bronze - no land' THEN 2
    ELSE 99 /* Any other value (which you should not have) sorts after all */
  END ASC  /* And don't forget to be explicit about ASC order though it's the default */

Since this works like a normal column in the ORDER BY, if you needed to then sort by the Amount or other column, it can be appended with a comma.

    WHEN Description = 'Gold '...
  Amount DESC,
  AnotherColumn ASC
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