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AngularJS Question

John Papa angularjs style guide webstorm live templates

I am using Webstorm 2016.1 and trying to configure the templates from John Papa (
Where exactly do I copy the template xml files?
How do I activate/use them in Webstorm ?

Answer Source

After some research I found a way to do it. On a Mac do the following:

To test: In a JavaScript file type ngcontroller followed by the Tab key. You should the see the following appear:

    (function () {
        'use strict';

            .controller('ControllerName', ControllerName);

        ControllerName.$inject = ['dependency'];

        /* @ngInject */
        function ControllerName(dependency) {
            var vm = this;
            vm.title = 'ControllerName';



            function activate() {

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