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C# Question

Copy EAP to EABase.eap through c#

I have a custom EAP file which I want to use for the creation of further EAP.
I want to copy this custom EAP Template to any other new EAP, before proceeding further.
I am using createModel: which copies the BaseEap to the destination EAP.

repository.CreateModel(CreateModelType.cmEAPFromBase, "path EAP currently opened",-1);

How can I can copy my custom Template EAP to Base EAP??
Is there a direct way to copy EAP To EAP using c#?


You can achieve it by using Project Transfer using the below code


Using this you can transfer your template EAP to your new EAP and the work further

Data Transfer may Fail due to one of the following reasons

  1. the Source File does not exist

  2. the Target File already exists

  3. the Target File is not an EAP File, only EAP files are supported in Automation Interface