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How to approach Apple Review team to review the app asap?

I uploaded a new application to iTunes connect on last Thursday. Client wants to the app Live on coming Friday. He wants to

request the Apple App Store Review team to review the app asap.

How can we do this in iTunes Connect? Can anyone please help me on this. Thanks in advance.

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Expedited App Review

Expedite iOS app review to less than 24 hours

you can submit your app in Expedited App Review, apple release your app in max 24 hours.but you can submit your app in only in two ways.

Urgent Bug Fix

If you've submitted an update to fix a critical bug in your app on the App Store and you are requesting an expedited review, be sure to include the steps to reproduce the bug on the current version of your app

Time-Sensitive Event

For apps associated with an event, When submitting your request, it's important to include the event, date of the event, and your app's association with the event.

some additional Information see this

Steps to implement the Expedited App Review


  • Login to iTunes Connect using your iOS Developer Account credentials

  • Scroll to the bottom of the iTunes Connect webpage and click Contact Us

enter image description here


  • Select App Review, App Store Review, and Request Expedited Review, then select Request an Expedited App Review.

    enter image description here


  • Fill in the requested information and click Submit to send your request to Apple! They will review and respond to the request and let you know if they are able to expedite the review of your app!.
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