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iOS: Wrong instruction in installing Google Mobile Ads SDK?

I'm following this tutorial to put Google Ad on my page:

At the step:


And the error occurred:

AppDelegate.swift:58:9: Type 'GADMobileAds' has no member 'configureWithApplicationID'

And after the checking, i see there is no member

What's wrong with this instruction?
And why i have to install Firebase/Core in this version?

Here are methods in GADMobileAds, there is no configureWithApplicationID like Objective C version. How stupid is that

Answer Source

@bourvill I've found the way to work around. Remove the cocoapods line from the instruction and replace with this line: pod 'Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK' . It will install the google sdk version 7.9.0 and you'll see the configureWithApplicationID method. This is the error from Google for Swift

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