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Is Leaflet a good tool for non-map images?

I am writing a web app that involves navigating technical illustrations (pan, zoom, click). I assume that Cloudmade Leaflet a good tool for this, only because someone used it to make XKCD 1110 pan/zoomable and I really like how it turned out.

Obviously, I would need to tile and scale my original technical illustration, but let's say that's a trivial problem that I have solved. Looking at the Leaflet API, however, it appears I would have to convert my tech illustrations (.ai, .svg, and .png files) to a geographical standard like GeoJSON. That seems like an awkward proposition.

Can anyone recommend Leaflet, or any other tool, for navigating non-map imagery?

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You can do this with Leaflet. (I have done exactly this myself.)

You do have to convert your pixel sizes to latlong (latitude/longitude). Leaflet provides you an easy way to do that by using the Simple "Coordinate Reference System", map.project and map.unproject.

First, construct your map like this:

var map = L.map('map', {
  maxZoom: 20,
  minZoom: 20,
  crs: L.CRS.Simple
}).setView([0, 0], 20);

…and then set the map bounds (for an image that is 1024x6145):

var southWest = map.unproject([0, 6145], map.getMaxZoom());
var northEast = map.unproject([1024, 0], map.getMaxZoom());
map.setMaxBounds(new L.LatLngBounds(southWest, northEast));

There's more details regarding splitting your images available here including a Ruby gem which might also be useful.

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