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Java Question

Is there a JAVA API for extract MP4 Metadata

I want to be specific as to what I am asking. I am not asking to modified any MP4 files, just extract metadata such as Width and Height and bitrate and encoding and this is not in the MP3 tags.

I have tested Xuggle which works, but I need to have a library that does not use JNI or any native code.

I already looked into MP4Parser, and Apache Tika, and they both does not extract metadata, just tag info or alter the file.

Is there such java lib?

Answer Source

I actually found what I was looking for using Mp4Parser

here is a simple lines of code to get what I wanted using Mp4Parser

FileChannel fc = new FileInputStream("content/Video_720p_Madagascar-3.mp4").getChannel();
IsoFile isoFile = new IsoFile(fc);
MovieBox moov = isoFile.getMovieBox();
for(Box b : moov.getBoxes()) {

b contains all the info I needed, now I just have to parse b to get exactly what I want.

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