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Plotting in numpy a graph using the two lowest eigenvalues and eigenvectors

How do I use the eigenvectors corresponding to the two lowest eigenvalues (different from 0) as the x,y coordinates to plot the graph?

I have arrays of eigenvalues and eigenvectors from the laplacian of a graph of nodes. I want to do something similar to the following link that is in MATLAB, but in Python. Also, instead of just the Fielder vector, I also want the next vector larger than the Fielder as well:

Thanks in advance!

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This answer assumes you've already got nodes in a list nodelist and two vectors vec1 and vec2 which are in the same order.

Networkx uses a dict (usually called pos) for which pos[u] is the (x,y) coordinates of the node u.

import networkx as nx

#your code here to define network and find the vectors.  
#Please edit a simple version of this code into your question so I can
#add it here.

pos = {node:(x,y) for node, x, y in zip(nodelist, vec1, vec2)}
nx.draw_networkx(G, pos=pos)

In defining pos, I've used a dict comprehension and zip.

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