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Git Question

Using git to identify all modified functions in a revision

Is there a good way to use git to identify all the modified functions in each revision in the history? I've tried using the -p switch, but it doesn't seem to work in the same way that svn's show-c-function parameter works.

My assumption is that I'll want to use "git diff HEAD~i HEAD~i-1 -p" for increasing values of i. Am I missing some parameters that will help identify diff's best guess on the functions that were modified?

Answer Source

Here's a quick and dirty attempt at what I think you're going for. It does a git log to show all revisions, -p to include the diff in the log, a grep to only include the lines containing the commit ID and the hunk headers, and uses sed to filter out the line numbers, leaving only the guess at the function name that Git writes after the hunk header.

git log -p | grep -E '^(commit|@@)' | sed 's/@@.*@@//'
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