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Timer not firing (timeInterval always == 0.0)

I have created a

inside a singleton and I have been fighting with why the
is not firing. I have looked over posts on here but I have not found one that I believe directly answers my issue.

class ConnectionStateMonitor : NSObject {
static let shared = ConnectionStateMonitor()

var isConnected = false

fileprivate let reachability = Reachability()!
fileprivate var reconnectTimer: Timer?
fileprivate var reconnectPollInterval = TimeInterval(10.0)

func initialise() {

reachability.whenReachable = { reachability in

if reachability.isReachableViaWiFi {
Log.debug(message: "Reachable via WiFi")
} else {
Log.debug(message: "Reachable via Cellular")

self.updateConnectionState(isConnected: true)
reachability.whenUnreachable = { reachability in
Log.debug(message: "Not reachable")

self.updateConnectionState(isConnected: false)

do {
try reachability.startNotifier()
} catch {
//print("Unable to start notifier")

func updateConnectionState(isConnected: Bool) {
let wasConnected = self.isConnected

Log.debug(message: "Update connection state: \(isConnected)")

synchronize(lockObj: self, closure: {
self.isConnected = isConnected


fileprivate func updateReconnectTimer() {
// Suspend any pending call.

if !self.isConnected {
self.reconnectTimer = Timer.scheduledTimer(timeInterval: self.reconnectPollInterval, target: self, selector: #selector(ConnectionStateMonitor.attemptReconnect), userInfo: nil, repeats: false)
// Uncommenting below fires the timer.

print("attempting to reconnect in self.reconnectPollInterval = \(self.reconnectPollInterval) \(self.reconnectTimer?.timeInterval)s")
else {
self.reconnectTimer = nil

@objc func attemptReconnect() {
print("attempting to reconnect")

self.comms?.hello(completionHandler: { success, message in

The print statement inside updateReconnectTimer prints out:

attempting to reconnect in self.reconnectPollInterval = 10.0 Optional(0.0)s

I can't for the life of me work out why the timeInterval property of my
would be 0.0 when I explicitly set it to 10.0. Calling
correctly calls my function so I know that it is hooked up correctly.

Also to confirm there are no subsequent calls to the updateReconnectTimer function that would interfere.

Is there anything obvious that I am missing?


I have added in more code to show the issue, it appears that by updating the
in the completion handlers from
which will be a background thread seems to prevent the
from firing.

Answer Source

Unfortunately the bug appeared to be relating to the fact that I was updating the reconnectTimer field on different threads. Forcing it to be updated on the same thread each time corrected the issue.

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