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Java Question

Making a "memory dump" of java application?

I have Java application, which, unfortunately, begins to consume quite big amounts of memory after some time. To complicate things, it's not only Java application, it is also JavaFX 2 application.

I suspect that there is some memory leak, maybe even in underlying JavaFX calls and native libs.

The ideal solution would be to get a dump of all java objects at some moment (with their memory usage), and then analyze that dump. Is there some way to achieve this?

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There are lots of ways to get a heap dump, starting with simple tools like jmap to more fancy stuff like JVisualVM or even commerical tools as JProfiler. Correctly interpreting those dumps can be tricky though, so you might want to post exactly what you are looking for. Are going hunting for a memory leak, or are you interested in getting a general feel for your application?

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