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Cartesian product of two RDD in Spark

I am completely new to Apache Spark and I trying to Cartesian product two RDD. As an example I have A and B like :

A = {(a1,v1),(a2,v2),...}
B = {(b1,s1),(b2,s2),...}

I need a new RDD like:

C = {((a1,v1),(b1,s1)), ((a1,v1),(b2,s2)), ...}

Any idea how I can do this? As simple as possible :)

Thanks in advance

PS: I finally did it like this as suggested by @Amit Kumar:

cartesianProduct = A.cartesian(B)

Answer Source

That's not the dot product, that's the cartesian product. Use the cartesian method:

def cartesian[U](other:[U, _]): JavaPairRDD[T, U]

Return the Cartesian product of this RDD and another one, that is, the RDD of all pairs of elements (a, b) where a is in this and b is in other.


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