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Javascript Question

Dynamic variables in Postman

In Postman official website in documentation Writing Tests I find that Postman has a few dynamic variables. My question about:

{{$guid}}:Adds a v4 style guid

this one. Can anybody explain me what kind of variable this one, and how we can use it in test scripts for API request.


GUID is the acronym for "Globally Unique Identifier". A GUID is mainly used to produce hexadecimal digits with groups separated by hyphens for uniqueness purposes, for example:


In postman you can use this to generate and send a random GUID to your api as required:

    "id": "{{$guid}}",

On Send would produce(with the random example above):

    "id": "b3d27f9b-d21d-327c-164e-7fb6776f87b0",