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TypeScript Question

BSON ObjectID (Morphia) representation in Typescript/Angular2 Project

I have a Java class representing a customer with some properties like name, adress etc.
And I have the property:

private ObjectId id;

The customer will be fetched from a mongoDB. Everything is fine and all properties are filled.
Then I try to transport data via REST to a angular2 client
I have a Customer representation in typescript

export class Customer {
public id: string <---

Mapping inside rest call in client

.map((response: Response) => <Customer> response.json())

what do I need to put here, that the property will be mapped and that I can use it within the angular client.
I've tried to install bson-objectid via npm, but I have no idea how to get it to map the id property. All the others are working fine.

Answer Source

Solution found! Create a

public YourAdapterName extends XMLAdapter<String, ObjectID> {
   public String marshal(ObjectId v) throws Exception {
       return v.toString();

   public ObjectId unmarshal(String v) throws Exception {
       return new ObjectId(v);

This Adapter returns the string representation of the ObjectID and I can use

id: string 

in Typescript.

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