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Java Question

Hinderance when attempting to add MySQL connector through Maven

enter image description hereWhen I use

mvn clean install
after adding the dependency in the 'pom.xml', I get the following output, instead of the expected
-type of message.

Answer Source

You've only posted the end of the Maven output -- are you sure the new dependency wasn't downloaded before the tests were run? It finishes with BUILD SUCCESS... how do you know something's not working?

What changes did you make to the pom.xml file? If I could see those, I could offer some thoughts about whether they look correct or not.

In case there's any confusion on this point -- you indicate that you ran mvn clean install. These are lifecycle goals of the project itself. Some of what you posted makes me wonder if you really intended to run (thought you were running) the maven-install-plugin. That would look more like $mvn install:install ....

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