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find the start position of the longest sequence of 1's

I want to find the start position of the longest sequence of 1's in my array:


I am following this answer to find the length of the longest sequence. However, I was not able to determine the position.

Answer Source

Inspired by this solution, here's a vectorized approach to solve it -

# Get start, stop index pairs for islands/seq. of 1s
idx_pairs = np.where(np.diff(np.hstack(([False],a1==1,[False]))))[0].reshape(-1,2)

# Get the island lengths, whose argmax would give us the ID of longest island.
# Start index of that island would be the desired output
start_longest_seq = idx_pairs[np.diff(idx_pairs,axis=1).argmax(),0]

Sample run -

In [89]: a1 # Input array
Out[89]: array([0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1])

In [90]: idx_pairs # Start, stop+1 index pairs
array([[ 2,  6],
       [ 8, 10]])

In [91]: np.diff(idx_pairs,axis=1) # Island lengths

In [92]: np.diff(idx_pairs,axis=1).argmax() # Longest island ID
Out[92]: 0

In [93]: idx_pairs[np.diff(idx_pairs,axis=1).argmax(),0] # Longest island start
Out[93]: 2
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