Eve Eve - 7 months ago 77
Java Question

Ping a table in the database with Java

I was wondering if it's possible to keep pinging a oracle table until a row is added to a table or removed.

I want to start the next action after I get a confirmation that the row has been added or removed. Preferred method is a query that keeps pinging until it happens.
Normally when querying I use executeQuery method but that only return when it has results

I haven't found a method yet that is able to do that.

So does anyone know a way to do this?


In Oracle 11g you could use Database Change Notification. Instead of polling the database to check for changes, you register to receive an event when a change occurs. There is a source code example here.

If you choose to poll instead, then you should consider your query carefully. For example, relying on number of rows in the table - SELECT COUNT(*) FROM your_table - could give you the wrong answer if the same number of rows were added and removed from the table between two executions of your query.