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Connect to Windows Desktop Search on Remote Machine

I "inherited" a program which is using Windows Desktop Search (WDS) on a remote server to search indexed pdfs. The original coder did most of the code using VB 6 style programming, so when he accessed the WDS, he uses recordsets. Unfortunately, the code samples from Microsoft aren't working for me, as I keep getting an error saying "IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005)." Here is the code I am trying to use and the query I am sending:


SELECT "System.ItemPathDisplay" FROM "server"."SystemIndex" WHERE CONTAINS(*,'"widget*" AND "foo*"',1033) AND ("SCOPE" = 'file://server/networkshare') AND Contains(System.ItemType,'"txt"') ORDER BY System.ItemPathDisplay ASC


// Thie uses SearchAPI interop assembly
CSearchManager manager = new CSearchManager();

// the SystemIndex catalog is the default catalog that windows uses
CSearchCatalogManager catalogManager = manager.GetCatalog("SystemIndex");

// get the ISearchQueryHelper which will help us to translate AQS --> SQL necessary to query the indexer
CSearchQueryHelper queryHelper = catalogManager.GetQueryHelper();
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions = string.Format("AND (\"SCOPE\" = 'file://{0}/{1}')", "server", "networkshare");

// set the number of results we want
if (maxRows > 0)
queryHelper.QueryMaxResults = maxRows;

// set the columns we want
queryHelper.QuerySelectColumns = "System.ItemPathDisplay";

if (sortCol != "System.ItemPathDisplay")
// unless a sort column is specified in which case we will add that column too
queryHelper.QuerySelectColumns = "System.ItemPathDisplay," + sortCol;

// if we have a file pattern
if (filePattern.Length > 0)
// then we add file pattern restriction, mapping cmd line style wildcards to SQL style wildcards
string pattern = filePattern;
pattern = pattern.Replace("*","%");
pattern = pattern.Replace("?", "_");

if (pattern.Contains("%") || pattern.Contains("_"))
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += " AND System.FileName LIKE '" + pattern + "' ";
// if there are no wildcards we can use a contains which is much faster as it uses the index
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += " AND Contains(System.FileName, '" + pattern + "') ";

// if we have file extensions
if (exts != null)
// then we add a constraint against the System.ItemType column in the form of
// Contains(System.ItemType, '.txt OR .doc OR .ppt')
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += " AND Contains(System.ItemType,'";
bool fFirst = true;
foreach (string ext in exts)
if (!fFirst)
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += " OR ";
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += "\""+ext+"\"";
fFirst = false;
queryHelper.QueryWhereRestrictions += "') ";

// and we always have a sort column and direction, either the default or the one specified in the parameters
// so append an ORDER BY statement for it
queryHelper.QuerySorting = sortCol + " " + sortDirection;

// Generate SQL from our parameters, converting the userQuery from AQS->WHERE clause
string sqlQuery = queryHelper.GenerateSQLFromUserQuery(userQuery);

sqlQuery = sqlQuery.Replace("FROM \"SystemIndex\"", string.Format("FROM \"{0}\".\"SystemIndex\"", "server"));

// if they asked to show the sqlQuery
if (fShowQuery)
// then output it to the console

// --- Perform the query ---
// create an OleDbConnection object which connects to the indexer provider with the windows application
System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(queryHelper.ConnectionString);

// open it

// now create an OleDB command object with the query we built above and the connection we just opened.
OleDbCommand command = new OleDbCommand(sqlQuery, conn);

// execute the command, which returns the results as an OleDbDataReader.
OleDbDataReader WDSResults = command.ExecuteReader();

The error happens on the last line. Any help and/or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Answer Source

I wonder if it's your Query (wrong quotes in the wrong places). This is mine:

SELECT System.ItemName, System.ItemPathDisplay, System.ItemType, 
WHERE SCOPE='file://servername/WebContent' 
AND System.ItemType <> 'Directory' 
AND ( 
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