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How to link to a named anchor in Multimarkdown?

I have come across a number of mentions of MultiMarkdown's support for internal links / named anchors but I am unable to find a single example of how to actually do it.

So, what is the syntax for denoting the named anchor, and what is the syntax for linking to it the same as linking to any other URLs (only using #foo instead of


Answer Source

Taken from the Multimarkdown Users Guide (thanks to @MultiMarkdown on Twitter for pointing it out)

[Some Text][]will link to a header named “Some Text”

### Some Text ###

An optional label of your choosing to help disambiguate cases where multiple headers have the same title:

### Overview [MultiMarkdownOverview] ##

This allows you to use [MultiMarkdownOverview] to refer to this section specifically, and not another section named Overview. This works with atx- or settext-style headers.

If you have already defined an anchor using the same id that is used by a header, then the defined anchor takes precedence.

In addition to headers within the document, you can provide labels for images and tables which can then be used for cross-references as well.

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