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CSS Question

different fonts add on to website

I would like to know how i can allow new fonts to change the text inside my draggable i can only change fonts using the "old" fonts (standard font) i would like to use "new fonts" like The Godfather, Chlorinar, Earwig Factory, exc how can i add these fonts to my website without making users to download them

<select id="fs">
<option value="Agency FB" style="font-family: 'Agency FB'">Agency FB</option>
<option value="Algerian" style="font-family: 'Algerian'">Algerian</option>
<option value="AR Berkley" style="font-family: 'AR Berkley'">AR Berkley</option>
<option value="Earwig Factory" style="font-family: 'Earwig Factory'">Earwig Factory</option>

Answer Source
@font-face { font-family: SF-UI-Display-Ultralight; src: url('fonts/SF-UI-Display-Ultralight.otf'); }

Above is an example of adding a font in CSS. Of course pointing to the actual font file.

font-family: SF-UI-Display-Ultralight;

Then you can just add that to your CSS and you should be good. Be aware you can't change the font of option tags. I think MAYBE Firefox supports it but most browsers don't.

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