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Create nested array from existing array

I'm tying to create an array of dates, based on a user input of the date. The goal is to take the date input by the user and generate 16 date pairs (in sequential order).

I was able to figure how to generate the start dates and put them in an array, but I can't quite figure out how to take that array and further break them up in to sub-arrays (the date pairs).

Here's the code I used to generate the start dates:

@date_pairs = (@input_date-105..@input_date).step(7).to_a.reverse

I tried to create a sub-array in the following way:

@date_pairs = (@input_date-105..@input_date).step(7).to_a.reverse.each { |x| Array.new(x, x-6)}

However I get the following error: no implicit conversion of Date into Integer

Here's an example of what i'm hoping to get:

@input_date = 6/15/2016
@date_pairs = [[6/15/2016, 6/9/2016], [6/8/2016, 6/2/2016], [6/1/2016, 5/24/2016].....]

The goal is to be able to iterate over the @date_pairs, accessing each value within the sub-array.

I plan to use this concept to create other types of date pairs (ie, date pairs separated by months, years, etc)


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It's hard for me to be sure without knowing what your @input_date looks like, but I think you're really close. You're probably getting that error because your x is an instance of DateTime and you're trying to subtract 6 (an Integer) from it. Maybe try subtracting 6.days instead, like so:

@date_pairs = (@input_date-105..@input_date).step(7).to_a.reverse.map { |x| [x, x-6.days] }

Also note that Array.new(5, 6) produces [6, 6, 6, 6, 6] -- probably not what you want here.

Hope that helps!

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