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VS Studio now including global.json in every project and .netCore?

I installed R tools for Visual Studio because I am doing some class work where I need to use R, but after installing that every time I start a new project it loads .netCore Nuget package and I have a solution folder with global.json file in it and a src folder with the rest of the project...

What is going on with this? If I get rid of the Nuget package nothing works, saying it can't find the target framework, etc...Unsure why or how this got installed but I don't like it...from what I am seeing it has something to do with a version of do I restore functionality back to normal and not have to load .netCore for every project??

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The latest version of Visual Studio as of right now when I'm posting this (Sept 12th 2016) includes .NET Core 1.0 and the RC2 Tooling.

So when you create a new project, you'll need to read what type of project you wish to create.

Check out this dialog window, when I create a new project:

enter image description here

Ok - RED boxes are the new .NET Core project type, which includes that *.json file, while the BLUE boxes are your old school/more traditional way, with the .csproj, etc.

So read the options and choose what you would like, first.

BONUS SIDE TIP: global.json will be leaving in the next update.

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