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iOS Question

"Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in-app purchases

I am having problems testing my in-app purchases. I get back valid product identifiers, but upon purchase I receive the dreaded "Cannot connect to iTunes Store". Interesting thing is that restore purchases seems to work - iTunes login pops up.

I have:
- Checked that my in-app purchases are cleared for sale
- Checked, rechecked my source code to be in sync with Apple's documentation
- Added appropiate test users
- app id does not contain wildcard
- in-app purchases are linked to the app (app itself is in developer rejected state, purchases are in ready to submit)
- waited
- reinstalled app, cleaned solution, all the voodoo stuff

Answer Source

Make sure you have signed out of any production iTunes accounts on the device.

I was getting this error on my test phone which was logged in with my actual iTunes account. You cannot test apps using your production iTunes account, hence the error. I just wish Apple provided a better error so as to avoid this guesswork...

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