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How to make an array of PictureBoxes in Visual Basic

How do I make an array of PictureBoxes in Visual Basic?

I'm trying to make a row of PictureBoxes -that's all the same size, and same picture- to display across the form. How could I do this?

I made the array using this:

Dim blk(10) As PictureBox

and the code to place the PictureBoxes is this:

'Create PictureBoxes
blk(0) = blk_Green()
blk(0).Image = imgl_blk.Images(0)
blk(0).Visible = True
blk(0).SetBounds(10, 10, blk_Green.Width, blk_Green.Height)
For i = 1 To 10 Step 1
blk(i) = blk_Green()
blk(i).Image = imgl_blk.Images(0)
blk(i).Visible = True
blk(i).SetBounds(i * 10, 10, blk_Green.Width, blk_Green.Height)'I will change this according to what it needs to be

imgl_blk is an ImageList, and blk_Green is a ImageBox I've already made on the form.

When I run it, only one of the PictureBoxes will show up, instead of all 10 from the array.

This is what i'm trying to get (Or something like this):
What i'm trying to get

This is what happens instead:
What Happens

How could I make this work? Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

If you want to create a control array:

Dim blk() As PictureBox

blk = New PictureBox() {PictureBox1, PictureBox2, PictureBox3, PictureBox4}

Then you can reference PictureBox1 with blk(0), PictureBox2 with blk(1), PictureBox3 with blk(2) and PictureBox4 with blk(3).

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